Meet Amplio's Talking Book

A Durable, Low-cost Audio Device For Sharing Knowledge


Amplio’s Talking Book bridges a gap where other methods don’t work. It saves us time and money, and ensures that all of our community health volunteers are delivering consistent, accurate health information. The number of women who are coming to deliver their babies at health centers has risen by more than 100 percent!” 
– Catherine Mesianto Lengewe, Technical and Strategy Director for the Centre for Behavior Change and Communication, Nairobi, Kenya


For more than a decade, Amplio has been helping global partners share their life-changing knowledge and expertise with the world’s hardest-to-reach communities. Our durable, low-cost Talking Book audio device makes it easier to share knowledge with people who cannot read and who live without electricity in rural areas of developing countries. The Talking Book’s simple design was developed with feedback from the communities that use it, from the bright colors and navigation icons, to the sturdy case that’s built to survive heavy dust and rainstorms.

Talking Book Features

The Talking Book is customizable and interactive; it receives feedback and questions from users, and records usage statistics so that organizations can improve their messages, reach more people, and have greater impact.

At a Glance

  • The Talking Book can be loaded with a package of engaging audio content in local dialects.
  • A built-in speaker allows groups of people to listen together. Users can pause the audio and discuss topics as they come up.
  • Multiple expert recordings are available on-demand for every listener.
  • Listeners can record questions and comments in response to content.
  • The Talking Book collects user feedback and usage statistics for program monitoring and evaluation.
  • Content is easy to update and collect in the field with a USB port and android phone.
  • The handheld size makes the Talking Book portable and easy to hold.
  • The device can be powered by locally available batteries. No charging required.

How It Works

Amplio Founder and Executive Director Cliff Schmidt explains how to use a Talking Book. Watch the video for a demonstration.