Talking Book Program Components

  • ASSESS partner and community needs
  • ENGAGE with partners to develop audio messages
  • DISTRIBUTE Talking Book devices and provide technical support
  • MONITOR and evaluate usage feedback
  • ADAPT messages for increased effectiveness

How We Amplify Impact

Amplio’s model is designed for scale and sustainability. We work with local affiliates that have experience implementing health, agriculture, and/or behavioral-change programs in the hardest-to-reach communities. Many of these organizations have been delivering information via radio or community workshops. With the Talking Book program, they are equipped to reach more people with customized information that is measurable and can be evaluated for effectiveness.


In collaboration with Amplio’s network of partners and local experts, we develop engaging, culturally and contextually appropriate audio lessons in the form of dramas, songs, and interviews.


Amplio provides the content strategy, technology, training, product delivery, and maintenance for the Talking Book program.


Talking Book programs are analyzed and improved through performance analytics, usage statistics, and qualitative user feedback, focus groups and expert interviews. Through its two-way feedback platform, Amplio is able to adjust content and delivery mechanisms to improve effectiveness.

Better Products, Together

Dominic Vergine, Head of Sustainability and CR at ARM, describes the impact of our program for people who lack literacy skills and who live off-grid in terms of electricity and mobile networks.