Sharing Knowledge That Makes an Impact


Since 2007, Talking Book programs have reached nearly 500,000 people in Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, to deliver vital messages and information. We amplify the impact of our global partners such as UNICEF and CARE, as well as governments, businesses, and local NGOs, and the voices of the communities we serve, to give people access to the knowledge and power to improve their lives. Together, we’re helping to educate families about health, hygiene, and child safety, improve agriculture and food security, address climate change, strengthen health systems, and help countries and organizations achieve sustainable development goals.

We’ve proven that Talking Book Programs make an impact. Now we’re ready to grow. With our network of partners and affiliates, we’re on track to reach 10 million people in the next five years, to improve health, income, and quality of life.

Impact Reports

Talking Book evaluation reports provide a look at how Amplio programs and technology can improve outcomes for different issues and sectors.


Mosquito nets are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce malarial infection, but only if they’re used correctly. In Ghana, we partnered with UNICEF to increase the effectiveness of a program that distributes mosquito nets to 44,000 people in the Upper West region. A randomized, controlled trial showed that people using the Talking Book were 50% more likely to sleep under bed nets every night than the control group.

Read the report (PDF)


There are numerous developments in farming that help smallholder farmers increase their crop yields. In our early work with the Talking Book in Ghana, local experts recorded farming techniques, health guidance, and other information onto our devices. Talking Book users increased their total crop production by an average of 48%, compared to a decrease of 5% for nonusers.

Read the report (PDF)


Handwashing with soap at key moments, such as before preparing food, is an evidence-based way to prevent disease. In Ghana, Amplio worked with UNICEF to increase the use of soap during handwashing. After the intervention, families who listened to Talking Book messages were 50% more likely to wash hands with soap.

Read the report (PDF)

Community Feedback

User feedback is one of the added values of a Talking Book. Listeners record messages directly onto the Talking Book in response to content. Their questions and suggestions help Amplio and our partners measure program impact and better address the needs of the communities we reach. In the videos below, community members from rural Ghana describe how Talking Book programs have helped them improve their farming techniques, health, and quality of life.