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From now until December 31, all donations made to Amplio Network will support  maternal and child health knowledge and outcomes in some of Ghana’s most vulnerable communities. Your gift will help educate and empower mothers to keep their children safe and healthy in rural communities throughout Jirapa, Tolon, Karaga, and Kpandia districts in the Upper West and Northern regions of Ghana.

Thank you for making a gift to transform lives.



If you prefer to send a check or money order, please make it payable to “Amplio Network” and mail to:

Amplio Network
1904 3rd Avenue, Suite #417
Seattle, WA 98101

Please include your contact information so we can acknowledge your gift!

If you’d like to make a gift by phone or speak to a member of our team about making a special donation, please call
(425) 780-5669 or send an email to



There are many ways to support Amplio Network, whether you’re looking to donate stock or digital currency, or to double your impact with an employer matching gift.

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Amplio Network is a US-based nonprofit organization that uses its Talking Book audio device to help global partners amplify and widen their impact. Our technology makes it easier to share knowledge and empower people with low literacy skills in the world's hardest to reach communities.


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